It’s here! My annual beauty guide! Below are ten of my absolute favorite beauty items that will make any beauty enthusiast jump for joy!



1. Qyksonic Zoe Bliss

Best facial cleansing brush! If you’re not using one of these then you’re not getting a thorough facial cleanse. Use code MARIESKINCARE for 10% OFF & FREE shipping.


2. Envy Pillow

Anti-aging pillow with silk+copper pillowcase. Superior neck support that prevents sleep lines. I’ve tried other anti-wrinkle pillows and this is hands down my favorite one!

Use code MARIESKINCARE10  for 10%OFF. 


3. Gucci Dupe Headbands

These gorgeous headbands are well made and add a little pazzaz to any outfit. One of my best sellers on my Amazon storefront!


4. Beauty Fridge

This is a must for anyone who takes their skincare seriously. Adorable little bathroom counter fridge comes in seven different colors and is under $45. 


5. Mizzi Lip Scrubs & Balms

This all-natural lip care line offers the best scrubs and balms in a variety of scents. They are packaged in the most beautiful boxes with a lovely bow and start as low as $16.


6. Gem Roller

Facial massage is key for healthy skin. I recommend keeping a gen roller in your beauty fridge. Use it daily as part of your skin care ritual.


7. Essential Oil Diffuser

I turn my diffuser on every night to keep the air smelling fresh and it helps to keep my skin hydrated. This is ideal for drier climates or for those winter months. Makes for a wonderful gift too!

8. Louis Dupe Makeup Bag

This checkered makeup bag is by far one of the best Amazon finds ever!!!! It is so cute and the quality is excellent. Comes in brown and black so makes a great gift for both men and women. If you have a damier Louis this is a perfect match! Make it extra special for that special beauty lover in your life by filling it with some fab products.


9. Hot Air Hair Blow Dryer

Ditch your blow dryer and round brush and order this immediately! A best seller on Amazon and a personal fave. Game changer right here!


10. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are luxury at it’s finest. Cooling and soft, this is the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one! Use code SKIN12 for 12% OFF!




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