I finally had my brows microbladed! Woot! If you follow me on IG than you probably know all about my brow saga. I’m a victim of the early 2000’s trend of thin, overplucked brows. Eek! I finally decided to grow them out last February. Didn’t touch them for 2 months. No joke. Didn’t touch my tweezers for 2 months. It was brutal but I knew it would be worth it. Used Latisse, Castor oil…all the things to promote hair growth. Fast forward eight months and they grew in pretty good except for two small patches that are just bald.

It was time to have these filled in. I was tired of penciling them in and to be quite honest most days i’d forget and just went around with patchy eyebrows. Needless to say it wasn’t a good luck.

A friend of mine that I went to aesthetic school with 15 years ago specializes in microblading and just knowing her and her persoanlity I knew she would do an excellent job. And she did!

We ended up doing a combination of strokes and shading in just the areas that didn’t have hair. It was the perfect amount and blended right in.

I LOVE my brows now! I can say that look so natural and the shape is perfection. The microbladed parts blend so nicely that you can’t even tell.

Scroll through imagine carousel below to watch the process.

If you’re local please go see my dear friend and microblading expert Amanda https://www.instagram.com/highbrowamanda/. She’s the BEST!




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