Tips For Winter Skin

Temperatures are quickly dropping and as a result many of us are experiencing drier than usual skin. As we enter the cooler months the air gets drier as humidity levels tend to drop. The drier air sucks the moisture out of your skin so you’re more likely to experience patches of dryness and flakiness.

Here is a list of things to do to switch over from summer skin to winter skin:

  • Get a facial. Gently removing those top layers of dead skin will help to balance out the skin.
  • Back off on your retinoid. It’s not often i’ll suggest this but if there’s ever a time to skip a night here and there, this is it! Retinoids can cause a little surface dehydration so if you’re experiencing some dryness taking a night off can help the skin re-epitheliaze and not feel as dry.  Just be careful not to go more than a day or two.
  • Use your antioxidant products twice a day. Antioxidants, such as your vitamin C serum, are a great source of nutrients for the skin. This extra boost of nutrition will aid in repairing and calming dry, irritated skin.
  • Add a facial oil-but ONLY if you are not acne prone! For those of you with very dry skin types winter months can really be brutal. Adding a facial oil can help supplement the loss in moisture in the skin.
  • Use a lip balm for those dry, chapped lips. Stay away from chapsticks as they can actually dry you out even more! I recommend an all natural lip care line like Mizzi Cosmetics Shop Here


Here are some product suggestions:

Antioxidant: SkinBetter Alto Defense Shop Here

Facial oil: Herbivore Botanicals Shop Here

Lip Care: Mizzi Cosmetics Shop Here

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