The Skinny On Scrubs

When you think of a facial scrub the first thing that might come to mind is the infamous “St. Ives Apricot Scrub”. I’m not exactly sure when or how this scrub became so popular but it’s been around ever since I can remember. All of my friends and I used it and I still hear of people using it. But boy do I wish I had known then what I know now!

Scrubs tend to be synonymous with exfoliation. Exfoliation can occur two different ways: Chemically or physically. Scrubs fall into the physical category.  This cream-based product contains exfoliating pieces that help to smooth the skin by lifting off dead skin cells.

This is a great product to incorporate into most skin care regimens as long as you’re careful about the ingredients.

When picking out a scrub, regardless of your skin type, it is crucial to avoid any product with harsh grains, salt, sugar, or anything that is abrasive to the skin. If the scrub particles used are jagged they can cause micro-tears in the skin that can cause inflammation and allow bacteria to enter. This can be especially detrimental to those with acne or rosacea.

A gentle scrub with rounded particles such as jojoba beads or crystals is ideal. The goal is to gently remove any dead skin without leaving the skin red and raw.

So how often should you use a scrub?

I typically recommend using a scrub 2-3 times weekly or as needed. I definitely don’t recommend using it daily and I am not a fan of cleansers that have scrub particles in them. Your scrub should supplement your cleansing regimen as to give it a boost. Daily use of any scrub, even the gentlest one, can leave the skin irritated.  Your scrub should also not be the only exfolation your skin receives. Chemical exfoliation is crucial! You can read my post about retinoids if you want to learn more.  “Why You Should Be Using A Retinoid”

So which scrub do I recommend?

My current fave is the ZO Exfoliating Polish. You can shop it below.

Shop Here






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