Pregnancy And Your Skin

Tis' the season to be pregnant! I have a lot of beautiful pregnant patients at the moment so it seems like the perfect time to go over some basics of how to take care of your skin during this special time. So first and foremost, when it comes to pregnancy I always advice women consult [...]

Cutest Little Fridge Ever

Beauty fridges are all the rage and I have to say i'm totally on board! This little gem is the newest addition to my bathroom counter top and it's here to stay! Shop Here Refrigerating your skin care products has many benefits: Cooling eye creams, sheet masks, and jade rollers. These products are by default used [...]

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

  It's that time of year again! I love the holidays and love gift giving, although it can get a little stressful thinking of fun gifts that family and friends will love. Here's a list of my favorite beauty gifts that are sure to put a smile on your beauty lovers face! I've divided them [...]

Holiday Blog Giveaway

  $25 Target gift card Maskmoments anti-aging sheet mask MUA liquid lipstick MUA color intense lipstick Silver glitter beauty case Here's how to ENTER: Sign up to "follow blog via email"  I will randomly pick a winner from my list of blog followers and email the winner on Sunday, December 2nd 2018. Will only ship [...]

Let’s Get Sheet Faced!

Sheet masks are all the rage! Everywhere you turn, from Sephora to your local drug store, these foiled pre-packaged masks are what's hot right now! Generally these masks tend to be gauze soaked in product. The ingredient lists is less then impressive and you're left with a gob of product just sitting on your skin. [...]

Tips For Winter Skin

Temperatures are quickly dropping and as a result many of us are experiencing drier than usual skin. As we enter the cooler months the air gets drier as humidity levels tend to drop. The drier air sucks the moisture out of your skin so you're more likely to experience patches of dryness and flakiness. Here [...]

What Is Micellar Water?

Micellar water seems to be the newest and hottest trend at the moment. The best kept secret that's been around forever but forgotten about. Big magazines are reviewing it, grocery stores are selling it, and die hard fans are raving about it. So naturally, I had to give this new-to-me cleansing "water" a try. So [...]